Who am I? And why am I here?

For a long time, I periodically had thoughts about creating my blog and starting to share my experience and some observations with others. But every time I put off its creation because of two doubts that were in my head:

  • Will it be anybody interested;
  • Can I not abandon my blog after two or three articles, but write for a long time with a certain frequency.

But as they say: “Until you try, you don’t know” and I decided to start, and there we’ll see what happens.

To begin, I’ll tell you a little about myself and what I do.

My name is Andrey Ivanov. I was born in the city of Arkhangelsk, which is located in the north of Russia. There I graduated from school and university, and then moved to Saint Petersburg (Russia), where I currently live.

My profession is programmer and for the last several years I have been doing web programming. Therefore, many articles in this blog will be focused on creating projects on the Internet, as well as various languages and technologies that I work with, for example, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js and others. Also now I am actively studying Java, so sometimes posts will be about it. About the languages I worked with, I will write in detail in one of the following articles.

Another one area of my interests is startups. I would be glad if the blog allowed me to become a part of the community of people who also make startups, find new friends and share experiences.

Also, probably, I will sometimes write about my travels (although they do not happen to me often) and even just about my city. Although it seems familiar to me, it might be interesting for people living in other places to read about it. I think that for the introductory article I have already said enough. Subscribe in social networks, I hope it will be interesting and useful.

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