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10 examples: copying files over SCP (SHH)

Very often I face the need to copy files to or from the server via SHH, and SCP always helps…

Arkhangelsk (Russia) – life memories, sights, architecture and events

With this article I am starting a new category on this blog: “Travel”. In it, I will share with you…

How to create Git server for automate deployment sites?

In a recent article, I described how to migrate WordPress blog to DigitalOcean server, but uploading the files there was…

How to migrate WordPress blog to DigitalOcean server?

Recently I decided to create a personal blog on WordPress and chose DigitalOcean as the hosting, as the most suitable…

How to use Laravel WebSockets for NuxtJs notifications?

Configuring Laravel Websockets to receive notifications in NuxtJs application.

Who am I? And why am I here?

For a long time, I periodically had thoughts about creating my blog and starting to share my experience and some…

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