Creation of a pizza shop on Laravel 8 + Inertia

I recently responded to an interesting vacancy, after which the company representatives wrote to me and offered to do a test task – to create a small pizza shop on Laravel. The task was quite large for a test one and I thought to refuse, but just then a new Laravel 8 came out with a beautifully designed application scaffolding – Laravel Jetstream (Jetstream offers your choice of Livewire or Inertia scaffolding, we will use Inertia)… And I decided to do it by doing 3 things at once: create a shop on Laravel 8 (learn about the innovations of the new version), submit it as a test task and write about new features of the framework on the blog.

Thus, with this article, I begin a small series of articles about creating a shop on Laravel 8.

The shop will have the following structure:

  • main page containing the menu;
  • product page;
  • cart to which the products will be added;
  • checkout page;
  • registration and login pages;
  • user’s personal account, which will store his order history.

In addition, from the interesting features of the store, we will make it:

  1. Dynamic, that is, so that the products in the basket and prices are automatically recalculated depending on their quantity (without refreshing the page);
  2. Supporting 2 currencies (or more, if you need).

Links to articles from series of creating a shop on laravel 8 + Inertia as I write, I will add to this article below.

  1. Migrations and Models for shop on Laravel 8
  2. Backend for Shop on Laravel 8
  3. Frontend for Shop on Laravel 8 (using Laravel Jetstream)

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See you soon.

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