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Type casting in Laravel (How to store types)

Storing different types of data in a database often involves a variety of tricks. For example, in order to save…

Top 5 Laravel Best Practices

Today I want to talk about several useful tricks, using which you can simplify the code of your Laravel project…

How to work with date in Laravel?

I recently searched Stackoverflow for trending post topics and found a lot of people asking questions related to how to…

How to create MVC Framework in PHP?

I recently wrote a series of articles about creation of a pizza shop on Laravel 8 that was well received…

Pre-employment skills assessment test task №1 (for PHP Developer)

Recently I was looking for a new job for myself and applied for PHP developer positions in various companies. Some…

Frontend for Shop on Laravel 8 (using Laravel Jetstream)

How to create a frontend for a shop on Laravel 8 using the application scaffolding Laravel Jetstream

Backend for Shop on Laravel 8

I will talk about what you need to create a backend for a shop based on Laravel 8, or rather about creating Routes, Controllers, Services and Resources.

Migrations and Models for shop on Laravel 8

I will talk about how to create migrations in Laravel 8, how to create models in Laravel and why they are needed.

Creation of a pizza shop on Laravel 8 + Inertia

I recently responded to an interesting vacancy, after which the company representatives wrote to me and offered to do a…

How to make Nuxt SEO-friendly?

I wrote about how to make a good SEO in Nuxt

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